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Peck's English Pointers (2nd edition)

Since 2010 Peck's English Pointers, by Vancouver-based editor and writer Frances Peck, has educated and entertained language buffs with its lively articles and quizzes spanning grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage and clarity.

The updated second edition features 19 new articles along with 11 new practice quizzes. Like the existing articles, the new ones take a light-hearted yet rigorous look at some of the most perplexing errors, weaknesses and puzzles in written English. The new topics range from mainstream—subject-verb agreement, bullet points, gender-neutral writing and effective emails—to esoteric—subordination, braces, and the little-known comash and interrobang.

With their up-to-date rules, amusing examples and practical advice, these fresh articles join current favourites on who and whom, which and that, hyphens and dashes, plain language, usage woes and grammar myths.

Peck's English Pointers is available in English only.